Wind and Power

WM Wind and Power 1On our way back from our recent trip to Canberra we had a bit of a dream come true. If you’ve never seen this surreal landscape of you could be forgiven for thinking that it was the result of relentless logging but the Monaro Plain just one of those weird quirks of geography, too cold for seedlings but not high enough for alpine trees. It does however present a unique photo opportunity with the rolling hills and almost moonscape feel. Continue reading

Home Is Where The Heart Is

WM Old BootWe haven’t had much opportunity to go camping so far this year, but there is still a lot of this year to go. This last weekend saw us at the markets taking a big gamble on the rain. And it was very wet. It went from being promised as the biggest and best market to the smallest with only the diehard stall holders, those with products that didn’t mind getting wet and us next to a lovely gentleman from Orbost with divine flowers. It was worth it though. Continue reading

Storm Chasing

WM Wrath of ThorIt’s been a very wet couple of weeks around here- not exactly ideal exploring the area on camping weekends kind of weather. But the weather conditions have brought their own rewards. We’ve had the BOM radar on almost constantly and we’ve been storm chasing. Except when there’s lightning. For those shots we stayed close to home because we have a great verandah with an amazing (and much safer) view.  Continue reading

Birthday’s New and Old

WM Cathedral Before DawnWe recently headed back to Wollongong to surprise Gee’s Mum for her birthday but being us we still found ourselves up at 4am looking for somewhere to shoot the sunrise. A photographer we’ve admired for a long while, William Patino, has taken some breathtaking images of Cathedral Rock, on the southern end of Jones Beach, Kiama Downs, so that was our goal that morning. Much to our surprise, two of our kids asked if they could come with us. Continue reading

Nalbaugh Falls

Nalbaugh-2Now this location was a mission and a half. Very well hidden, not far from Bombala, is a secret waterfall. We’d asked around but hardly anyone had heard of Nalbaugh Falls. So our first expedition to find it ended in disappointment. Not a single sign anywhere along the Coolangubra Forest Way. We ventured down a couple of the forest roads to the right but quickly realised that we could get lost pretty quickly up there. So we agreed to head home and try to get more information. Continue reading