Nalbaugh Falls

Nalbaugh-2Now this location was a mission and a half. Very well hidden, not far from Bombala, is a secret waterfall. We’d asked around but hardly anyone had heard of Nalbaugh Falls. So our first expedition to find it ended in disappointment. Not a single sign anywhere along the Coolangubra Forest Way. We ventured down a couple of the forest roads to the right but quickly realised that we could get lost pretty quickly up there. So we agreed to head home and try to get more information. Continue reading




WM Platypus Country


WM Bombala TreePicturesque Bombala, on the banks of the Bombala River is as historical a town as they come. It was proposed in 1903 as the possible location for our nation’s capital but passed over in favour of Canberra. Today, this small, tight knit community is very rightly proud of being home to the largest population of platypus in NSW.

If you are staying on the coast, Bombala is perfect for a day trip or even overnight. It is a beautiful scenic drive from the coast up Mt Darragh Rd. For the very adventurous, you can detour through Rocky Hall and wind your way up the Big Jack Mountain Rd before meeting up again with Mt Darragh Rd just before Cathcart.

WM Here Comes The Storm

Bombala lies on the Monaro Plain, falling in the rain shadow between the Eastern Escarpment and the Snowy Mountains. This natural plain is wonderful for a couple of photographers like us to try to capture some of the stunning uniqueness of Australia’s varied landscapes. From bitterly cold winters to hot dry summers, this particular landscape speaks of endurance, of longevity, of fast furious changes in the weather but lasting stability of the land.

WM Bombala

WM Little Lamb

The day we visited we watched storm clouds roll over in minutes then disappear just as quickly. The steely greys of the clouds echoed in the lines and shades of the trees that survive here in the harsh conditions. It is a demanding landscape. It asks us to be aware, to watch, to really think about it- to see things differently than we would on the coast. And we think we did. Bombala may not be famous for its gorgeous landscape, but we think it should be.