South Australia Part 1

The ObeliskWe recently had the opportunity to explore Adelaide and the Limestone Coast of South Australia. If you haven’t had a chance yet to explore the this amazing piece of Australia yet we highly recommend it. It is very much worth the drive from the east coast. Two of our main highlights were Semaphore Beach- an Adelaide suburb and Robe, which is down the coast about a 4 hour drive away.

Semaphore SunsetAt Semaphore Beach there is a beautiful and popular jetty- one of many along the Gulf of St Vincent. Perfect for photographers and fishermen and countless families and tourists. For us, it is delightful to get sunsets into water as we are so used to the sun setting over our mountains. It does take a bit more creative thinking to get a shot we love though with so many people around. Luckily for us it is just as amazing at dawn- just a little bit quieter. Rolling In

Robe has a landmark called the Obelisk. This amazing structure was erected in 1852 to aid navigation into Guichen Bay and store rocket lifesaving equipment. They fired rockets with baskets to distressed and wrecked ships and ropes to help bring people ashore.The land is eroding quite a lot from this site so it won’t be here for too much longer. It is such a beautiful place so we hope you get a chance to see it before it is gone.

So here are our first few photos from our trip. More coming soon!

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