Magic Makeup Session

Makeup Kelsey Lane-7They say practice makes perfect so when our friend Brett Ritchie invited us on a shoot last Sunday we jumped at the opportunity. Makeup artist extraordinaire Kelsey Lane needed some updated images of her work and had rounded up a couple of her most patient friends and a talented hairdresser, Lily.

Makeup Kelsey Lane-2Photoshoots like this are a little like council work. Everybody sits around waiting for the one person who is actually working at any given time but I dare say photoshoots are more fun as there are a lot less holes needing to be dug. It took the combined talents of quite a few people to get these images, including Brett’s beautiful wife, the baby whisperer, who looked after the youngest crew member, Kelsey’s cute baby daughter.

Makeup Kelsey Lane-8For us, the opportunity was very timely. We’ve had a lot of jobs lately that were reminding us just how much the photography business is hard work. This shoot gave us both a pure jolt of pleasure and satisfaction, reminding us of all the best bits of being a photographer. Talking shop with a likeminded photographer (though I did wander away once the guys starting talking about gear), capturing images everyone loves and getting to try out new skills. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

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