Whale Watching at Bittangabee Bay

Bittangabee Bay Looking North

Bittangabee Bay Looking North

Ben Boyd National Park is one of our favourite places anytime of the year, with its dramatic coastlines and abundant wildlife, but this time of year is extra special as the whales make their annual migration south. Circumstances have prevented us from being in the right place at the right time until now.

Bittangabee Bay Rock Pool

Bittangabee Bay Rock Pool

We spend some time at Bittangabee Bay campground before wandering north along the Light to Light walk out to the point where the whales swim close by the shore. And there they were in all their glory. Mothers and calves swimming serenely along, such a beautiful and majestic sight to behold. As much as we enjoyed watching them, they were so serene we didn’t get any good photos. We needed some of them to be a bit more playful so we could capture their mighty leaps from the water. Luckily for us, we weren’t short of beautiful views to take photos of.

Last Stars Before Dawn at Pulpit Rock

Last Stars Before Dawn at Pulpit Rock

We decided to try again the next morning driving a short distance south to Pulpit Rock, one of the best shore based deep sea fishing spots in Australia. We made sure we got there in plenty of time to set ourselves up to be ready for anything. Pulpit Rock is amazing- huge rock shelf that drops of into the deep sea. It was rather humbling to be there and soak in the sheer ancient ambiance of the location.

Sunrise Whale Leap

Sunrise Whale

Whales began to pass again before dawn and we thought they might be as calm as they were the day before. Then the sun rose and one feisty calf decided to greet the day with a fantastic series of leaps. They were so close to the shore we could hear them blowing. It was such an amazing thrill.

Each and every trip we make into Ben Boyd National Park simply makes us fall more and more in love with it. We have such amazing experiences and memories of this place. We’d love to hear your stories too. Let us know if you have a place as special to you as Ben Boyd NP is to us.

5 thoughts on “Whale Watching at Bittangabee Bay

  1. I was wondering where you’d gotten too only yesterday – glad to see you back and what a magical experience to be so close.

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