The Season Turn

Snow CappedWe headed up to the Snowy Mountains over the weekend with some good friends of ours to capture the turn of the season. There’s something especially magical about both autumn and spring as the world moves from warm to cold and back again. This time we wanted to catch the movement from crisp autumn into cold winter. And where better to see that than the Snowy Mountains with their peaks covered in crisp white.

First stop was one of our favourite places, Dead Horse Gap. Just beyond Thredbo, this mountain pass is a magical place to stand and watch the sun rise with its amazing views both east and west. The trick on this cold morning was not to stand still for too long. You know it’s cold when you freeze to the ground if you stand still for more than a minute!Dead Horse Gap

After a warming cup of coffee and a nice hot shower we headed off to explore the area around Guthega. We drove around and poked our heads into a few nooks and crannies discovering places we hadn’t seen before. We can now say that we have driven over the first public bridge across the Snowy River. It didn’t go anywhere, but that’s ok. It was pretty cool to explore this hidden gem.

Hitch Hikers GuideAn early night led to an even earlier morning and the opportunity to have some fun with astro shots. It was high time for us to create an homage to one of the greatest stories ever told and to do our bit to honour Towel Day. So long and thanks for all the fish Douglas Adams!

Sunrise over Lake Jindabyne was a photographers dream. What an amazing landscape crowned with the stunning glory of a perfect light show. We will definitely be back to shoot this lake again. There are so many amazing little coves and stunning views that only the fishermen really get to see. We could spend weeks up there shooting vistas around the lake and still not come close to covering all of it.Jindabyne Sunrise

The last thing we did before we headed home was head up to the mountains and get as high as we could. As the main chair lift wasn’t in operation we had to take the secondary one, Snowgums. The workers in Thredbo confidently told us that it wasn’t far from the top of Snowgums to where the Kosciusko Express would have gotten us but failed to mention that the 400 metres was incredibly steep. So we took a lot longer than we thought we would to walk to the top. On the plus side our daughter had fun on the snow and we got spectacular views.

The ValleyWe love the Snowy Mountains and we love that we live close enough to be able to visit fairly often. We already have our next trips planned and are very much looking forward to returning to the high country.

4 thoughts on “The Season Turn

  1. Lovely images as always, Dee Gee. Boy you did get around that weekend, makes me nostalgic for the high country seeing your shots. Snow’s early this year so lucky you got up there before the crowds 🙂

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