Thurra Dunes

WM Thurra 8Our recent trip to Croajingolong National Park in Victoria was a double barrelled mission. Other than the lighthouse we really wanted to find out more about the Thurra Dunes. I couldn’t find out much about how or why the dunes exist, so if you know please tell us! You’d think for such huge sand dunes they would dominate the landscape, but they are actually really well hidden. There are a few tantalising glimpses of them on the drive in but it’s not until you make the 2 kilometre trek to the top and see them laid out before you that you really get a sense of just how huge they are.

WM Thurra 1Our original plan to get photos of them was to wait until the end of the day for that golden hour glow and to avoid the heat of the day but Mother Nature tempted us up there with a huge storm front rolling in. So we quickly packed up our gear and supplies and high tailed as fast as you can up a steep bushwalk. To be strictly honest the first three quarters of the walk are fine- it’s the last little bit that gets you.

WM Thurra 5Mother Nature, however, is fickle. By the time we’d gotten there, what looked like a promising storm front had all but blown over so all we were left with was a bright blazing day, heat and lots of sand. There’s a lot of things we’d happily do for a photo, but waiting for four hours for sunset in the heat on the dunes wasn’t one of them.

WM Thurra 6On the plus side, the view from the dunes is amazing, as are the dunes themselves. So we played for a while, making the most we could of the opportunity before us. We were reasonably happy with the resulting images, but there is a lot of room to improve. So one day we’ll be back. Till then here’s a snippet of the Thurra Dunes.

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