Point Hicks Lighthouse

Point Hicks 1Nestled in the southern part of Australia’s Coastal Wilderness is Point Hicks, the first part of Australia to be sighted by Captain Cooks’ crew in 1770. Named after the lieutenant that spotted the coast, Point Hicks has the tallest lighthouse on the Australian mainland.

We were lucky enough to visit on a wind free evening over the weekend, on one of the few truly summery days we’ve had lately. It’s a decent walk from the campsite at Thurra River, mostly flat except for a few steep bits towards the end.

WM SS SarosA short (and narrow!) walk from the lighthouse you can see the wreck of the SS Saros which ran aground in heavy fog in 1937. The look out from here was amazing and the lighthouse keeper told us that there are often seals on the shore. Unfortunately, there weren’t any while we were there, but that’s just all the more reason for us to head back there one day.

WM Point Hicks 6Chances are we’d stay in the cottages next time just to soak in the ambiance of this remote location. It would also make getting the shots we would love to get that much easier. This time we got fine weather, but lighthouses really suit something dramatic and dark. That’s what they are built for after all- to shine a light in the dark. This time, the fair weather showed us the lighthouse’s pretty side, a soft dreaminess that looked like it could have been plucked out of history.

WM Point Hicks 4We also got the (rare for us) opportunity to shoot a sunset over water. All this time we thought we’d have to travel a lot further for this kind of image, and here it is only 2 ½ hours south of us. So we were busy little bees this sunset, whipping around to shoot the lighthouse in the glorious colours of the sunset, then back again to catch the sunset itself. All in all, a great experience and some images we are very happy with. With all the walks around the lighthouse we didn’t get to, we’ll be back for more.

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