Getting the Shot- Wallagoot Gap

Wallagoot Gap

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…

It is very rare that we get the shot we are hoping for on the first and only try. Every shoot involves many different set ups, location changes, composition tweaking and hoping to catch the ever changing light.

WM Wallagoot 1This is the best of the shoot we did recently in which we captured Wallagoot Gap, at Bournda National Park. It’s a relatively short and easy walk from the carpark and a stop off point along the way to some gorgeous bushwalks in the area. The gap itself is also a popular picnic spot for families and a great place to spend the day.

WM Wallagoot 2For a few weeks of the year just after summer solstice, the sun comes up in the perfect spot, right in the gap itself and it’s an image we’ve had in mind for a while. Unfortunately we missed the tide we wanted, so this is the gap at low tide. You can see by the debris that the water comes all the way in high tide so we’ll be heading back again next year to see what we can get. One thing that was amazing though was the pre-sunrise light show in the sky. It’s those colours that get us up in the wee hours with fingers crossed the clouds are exactly where we need them.WM Wallagoot 4

For this particular shoot we came home with 82 images to go through. Of those 82 there would have been about 5 or 6 each of the same or very similar compositions. When working in low light or high dynamic range light conditions, it’s difficult to rely solely on what your camera tells you is correctly exposed, so a few test shots are always needed. Then there’s the fine tuning of manual focus as auto focus can be unreliable in these conditions.WM Wallagoot 5

We almost always have at least one particular image that stands head and shoulders above the rest, but that’s not to say that we don’t often get many images we really like. Sometimes it’s hard to choose just one favourite. In this instance, we did have a stand out favourite but these represent the best of the rest, so to speak.WM Wallagoot 7

We’ll certainly be back to this spot as there are a lot more ideas and images bubbling away in our brains and it’s a stunning location for portraits. So how about you- how many shots do you tend to take to get the one you really love?

13 thoughts on “Getting the Shot- Wallagoot Gap

  1. Many nice shots here!
    The last week I’ve been lucky to have had time to photograph a couple of times in our winter here – fog, frost and cold winter – and the MANY shots will hopefully give me some winter images from around here the following days…….

  2. Sunrise, rocks, water – perfect combination Dee & Gee and perfectly captured. Sometimes it’s the first shot when everything goes right, other times I take 100 or so and still miss what I thought was there. Good shots just not the ‘ahh yes’ 🙂

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