Home Is Where The Heart Is

WM Old BootWe haven’t had much opportunity to go camping so far this year, but there is still a lot of this year to go. This last weekend saw us at the markets taking a big gamble on the rain. And it was very wet. It went from being promised as the biggest and best market to the smallest with only the diehard stall holders, those with products that didn’t mind getting wet and us next to a lovely gentleman from Orbost with divine flowers. It was worth it though. For about an hour and a half the rain cleared and the people poured in. We had some very lovely conversations with quite a lot of people from far and wide.

WM RoseOne great thing about rainy and overcast weather is the lovely light you can get for brief periods depending on the cloud cover. So not surprisingly we made the most of it when it appeared. One bit of gear we don’t have is a macro lens, so we can’t get some of the truly awesome flower images you can only get with the right lens but that doesn’t stop us playing with the gear we do have.

A Jetty On Merimbula Boardwalk

A Jetty On Merimbula Boardwalk


As primarily landscape photographers, we do have something of an obsession with clouds as they can make an otherwise ordinary landscape into something spectacular. So when we have been out and about over the week and the rain has held off we’ve tried out a few ideas in the middle of the day. It gives us something to study and plan about going back to during the golden hours.WM Cloud Cover

So we have stayed close to home this week. Maybe it’s part of the early January thing where no matter how many times I tell myself I’m going to dive right into the New Year, all guns blazing, inevitably it turns out to be more like a slow saunter. But I suppose that’s dawns for you right there. They always start slow until the moment the sun actually crests the horizon. How’s has your year begun? With a bang or with a sleepy start?WM Pambula Beach Sunrise


6 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Heart Is

  1. I loved the beauty of the photos, although the dog photo you snuck in was great. Definitely on guard!

    I totally understand about how the clouds make a picture better. My husband and I went to Maine in 2013 and it rained every day. I was really bummed, but when I looked at the pictures later, I realized I’d gotten some great cloud shots that wouldn’t have worked so well with just the sun.



    • It’s funny how fine a line it is though isn’t it…. interesting clouds are good but too much cloud is not so good. Your shots are lovely and you are right that the cloud gives them an edge and mood that clear blue skies wouldn’t have given them.

      • I agree with you about the clouds, but at the time, I was deeply peeved at having to work in the rain so much.

        I did that again more recently when we went to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. It had snowed the day before and I was like great! Now the mountains will be closed. Well, they were but only to about noon. And it was so cold at the higher elevations, I got all the snow shots I wanted.

        • It’s at times like that I always think “I need more gear!” preferably really good wet weather gear 😀

          I’m glad you got your snow shots…. it’s on our to do list this year.

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