Postcards From Canberra

WM Kings AvenueWe spoiled ourselves for our recent second anniversary with a trip to our nearest big city. Admittedly, Canberra isn’t a very big city by population, but it is very pretty. Besides, we had a couple of images in mind we wanted to try.

WM TransverseCanberra is a great city for photographers. With so many national and distinctive landmarks, you are spoiled for choice in terms of interesting subjects. One of the most famous and often photographed is the Kings Avenue Bridge over Lake Burley Griffin looking towards Parliament House. We were very fortunate that the evening we set out to take the shot happened to have one of the most amazing colour shows in the sky for a few brief minutes, giving us that something special that only Mother Nature can provide.WM Sunset

We also had quite a fascination for the National Carillion, the bell tower which was a gift from the British Government for Canberra’s 50th Anniversary. It is such an amazing piece of architecture set into beautiful surrounds. The only down side is that we were afraid to open our mouths while we were there in the late evening due to the insane amount of bugs, no doubt attracted by all the lights.WM Bell Tower

For sunrise we headed to the Arboretum. If you haven’t had a chance to visit this amazing collection of trees, put it on your to do list when you visit Canberra. We’ll be heading back year after year to watch the growth and development of the forests as they grow. WM ArboretumI guess it says a lot about us that even when we go to a city, we still find ourselves drawn into the trees. Here, you find yourself walking through cork oak forests one minute, then cotton palms the next. There’s something magical about seeing what the Arboretum will be one day and we are looking forward to watching that develop.WM Foreshore

The rest of our getaway was filled with romantic mushy stuff that isn’t of much interest to anyone but us, but it is certainly one of the reasons that we’ll always have a soft spot for our nation’s capital. If you have a favourite place in Canberra we’d love to hear about it- any new ideas are always welcome.


14 thoughts on “Postcards From Canberra

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  2. A good selection of images. It’s interesting. Having lived in Canberra for 40 years I don’t tend to take those photographs of Canberra, ie photographs of recognisable places. I suppose the ones I have taken in recent months are more infrared landscapes on Mt Ainslie and foggy streetscapes before dawn – and I have yet to publish any of those on my blog.

    • Thanks…. we nearly didn’t get the shot as we’d packed away all our gear and were heading back to the car when it appeared. Good thing we spotted it in time 🙂

    • We were so lucky… it wasn’t there for very long but that stunning red in just a small section of the sky was amazing. It’s because of moments like that that we do this 🙂

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