Birthday’s New and Old

WM Cathedral Before DawnWe recently headed back to Wollongong to surprise Gee’s Mum for her birthday but being us we still found ourselves up at 4am looking for somewhere to shoot the sunrise. A photographer we’ve admired for a long while, William Patino, has taken some breathtaking images of Cathedral Rock, on the southern end of Jones Beach, Kiama Downs, so that was our goal that morning. Much to our surprise, two of our kids asked if they could come with us.

WM DawnAll bundled up and barely awake, we made our way down the beach in the near dark hoping we would get a glorious light show. And we were not disappointed. Meanwhile, Mum was up watching the sunrise and thinking to herself that it was exactly the sort of sunrise we would have loved and admiring it herself. She had no idea where we were. Our son made an awesome GoPro time lapse movie of the sunrise while we snapped away.

WM Sunrise ScrambleAfter successfully surprising Mum with both our presence and memories of the sunrise on her birthday we headed home to share the best of our shots from Cathedral Rock. Here comes the twist in the tale…

WM CathedralIt was our turn to be surprised when we received a message from the photographer who had inspired us to try our skills and luck at Cathedral Rock. He would normally have been there for a morning like the one we were there, but he was rather busy attending the birth of his first child. He had been searching among the photographers he knew to see if any of them had captured the morning that was so special to him. He had almost given up when he found our pic on 500px. We were very happy to be in a position to give him some shots from the day to commemorate the birth of his beautiful boy.

So all these images have a deeper meaning now for two families. We got to spend a special morning bonding with our two grown up children, both of whom will be heading to the other side of the country in the New Year to pursue their career dreams. Mum has a movie and photo from her 73rd birthday. And a new family has a memory from a little boy’s very first day in the world. It’s funny how interconnected the world can be.

11 thoughts on “Birthday’s New and Old

  1. Amazing sunrise and great shots, I love the ones with the colour of the sky reflected in the water. Nice twist to the tale 🙂

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