WM Towradgi Beach

Now I love camping as much at the next girl but it was absolutely lovely to get a bit spoilt on our last trip with some luxury in Wollongong. Both Gee and I were originally from the Gong, so mostly our trips back there consist of us driving around saying  “I remember when…” and “Oh my goodness that building has gone/ grown/ changed completely”. We also mostly stay with family, so this trip was extra special. WM Towradgi Dawn 2

In typical photographer fashion, we didn’t sleep in at our bungalow at the Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort. It was up and at ‘em pre dawn to capture sunrise from the Towradgi pool. We’re used to the much quieter Far South Coast, so it was a little bit of a surprise to find so many people down there for an early morning swim. So we headed back to the resort to try the beach accesses.WM Towradgi Dawn

They say a change is as good as a holiday, even more so when it’s a change in holiday location and this was no exception. Hot showers, comfy beds and a coffee machine made this a trip to remember. So was soaking in the spa and laps of the pool. I’d love to tell you that we explored all that Wollongong had to offer but we didn’t really. We just relaxed and took lots of photos.

If you are ever in the Gong, then we can recommend the resort we stayed at because we found ourselves not really wanting to leave. And that’s a good sign…

WM Towards Wollongong

5 thoughts on “Wollongong

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  2. I’ve never seen Wollongong looking so beautiful lol! Glorious shots, love the perspective and angles used. Its just to die for. I really like the tidal pools. What was the lens you used – a wide angle I’m sure but tell me more….?

    • Yes, Gee uses a Sigma 10-20 mm. I used a Tamron 18-270mm for most of mine, usually at the 18mm. There is something rather awesome about tidal pools though isn’t there. And thanks! We don’t often get a chance to shoot in Wollongong so it was great to play with it.

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