Geehi and Dead Horse Gap

WM High Country

We absolutely love living in a place where we can be doing a beach photo shoot in the morning for a bestselling author and still be catching the last snow at the iconic Dead Horse Gap by sunset. This weekend was an especially busy one for us but also an especially rewarding one.

WM Last Snow at Dead Horse GapOur mission was to capture the last snows on the Western Front from a place that holds a very special place in our hearts, Geehi Flats in the Kosciusko National Park. Years ago, before we met, Gee found Geehi on one of his random wanderings and felt a special connection to the place. It was the first place we went to together and realised that we both had a love of photography and of each other. Just three hours’ drive from home, we go as often as we can.

WM Last Snow at GeehiOn this trip, we found the snow we were hoping for, though not quite the beautiful colours of sunset or sunrise. Mountains are hard to predict with their weather patterns, but we still took some beautiful images that we are very happy with.

Wm Gday MateOne of the best things about Geehi is the mobs of kangaroos that will let you get fairly close to them (though we don’t recommend trying to get close to any of the big bucks). We got the feeling that this mob had a bit of attitude, at least in the photos that we took of them. WM Whatchu Lookin At

WM Flying


If you like bird watching then Geehi is perfect. They are a rather brazen bunch down on the flats and very entertaining to watch. WM Hello

Geehi itself had rather mild and lovely weather on this trip. We missed all the winds that attacked the coast thankfully, but we did brave the higher alpine winds at Dead Horse Gap in the early morning of our last day there. There is something simply magical about the high country and far more to it than snow and skiing.WM Dead Horse Gap

Mountain MorningYou don’t need to wait until winter to explore Australia’s High Country, in fact we would argue that it is at its best in the autumn and spring. We’ll be back up the mountains as soon as we can, exploring all the best of this beautiful and unique part of Australia.

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