Eye of the Beholder


Cracking Light

Cracking Light

We stayed close to home this weekend so we could watch the Rabbitohs make history, so we don’t have any new travel photos this week. As much as we wish could get away every weekend real life involves lots of other commitments. So what do we do when weather, commitments or grand finals keep us from hitting the road? We play.

On Cloud Nine

On Cloud Nine

One of the reasons we picked up cameras was the fact we both love to make art even though neither of us has much talent with a paint brush.

Luckily art in in the eye of the beholder.

Some people aren’t keen on photos that don’t look realistic but we believe there is a place for photographic art that doesn’t have to look like it came straight out of the cameras.

More than anything, this type of photographic art is fun. Lots of it.


Gee has a deep love of colours.

Through the Clouds

Through the Clouds

It’s something that comes out a lot in his normal photos and what he looks for in his landscapes, but when we play he can take that love to extremes.

Long Walk Off A Short Pier

Long Walk Off A Short Pier



I’ve always been fascinated by the written word, clichés in particular. I love visual representations of sayings and idioms.

Bugs Eye View

Bugs Eye View

I also really love shallow depth of field but it seems to be something of an acquired taste out there in the photographic world, so I tend to keep those shots to myself.



Some of the most fascinating photography out there pushes boundaries, explores humanity, and examines our world and ourselves with both kind and candid eyes. But sometimes photography doesn’t need to do anything other than bring a smile to someone’s face. If we’ve done that then we’ve succeeded. And if we haven’t succeeded, at least we had fun.


Great Divide

Great Divide







For some inspirational photographers online, here are just a few of the many we are really enjoying following-





Adele d’Alleray

The Obvious and the Hidden

Gutterflower Images

DK Photography

Thomas Brown Photography

Ys Photography

Fine Art Photography

As we are always on the look out for great photographers, post us links to your favourites…


10 thoughts on “Eye of the Beholder

  1. Hey D&G you followed me via my guest post on Leanne Coles blog recently I think and thought I would pop over and say hi, nice to meet some more local photogs (if you consider NZ local LOL).

    Thanks for the follow (returned the favour) and look forward to seeing more of your world and work

  2. Certainly if you are not doing artwork that makes you happy, then you have missed the point of it in the first place. Your post shows that you need not travel too far in order to get spectacular images.

  3. Your photos and this post brought a smile to my face…thanks! And I agree that “there is a place for photographic art that doesn’t have to look like it came straight out of the cameras.” It is indeed fun.

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