Bittangabee Bay

Morning Twist

Less popular than nearby Saltwater Creek, Bittangabee Bay is one of the prettiest places to camp on the Far South Coast. With more than twice the amount of campsites, it’s hard to feel crowded at Bittangabee. The downside is that it is a little bit more of a walk down from the headland to the bay for a swim or fish. Though having said that, it is the perfect place to swim in the protected bay on a lazy afternoon.

WM BittangabeeWM BB Remains


Bittangabee Bay is 8 kilometres north of Green Cape and was used to supply the lighthouse keepers. The remains of the wharf and store house can be explored with helpful information boards filling in the historical details. WM Store


This is the campground of choice for fishermen as it’s within easy distance of Pulpit Rock and City Rock, both of which are accessed from the road to Green Cape Lighthouse.WM BB2 These two spots are popular for their land based game fishing.

WM BB3You can follow the light to light walk north and south of the campground across very different types of forest. The walks are easy and rather beautiful but we recommend industrial quantities of insect repellent.

For sunset you can head back out along the road a few kilometres and take in the spectacular view over Disaster Bay.Disaster Bay Not much needs to be said about a view like that. It is dramatic, romantic and rather awe inspiring.

As much as we’d love to tell you about how active we were, we really just spent a good couple of days relaxing. And that is what Bittangabee is perfect for. Kicking back, being lazy, the occasional explore. If you want to camp out with a large group this is the place to do it.

WM Sunrise Splash

If you do decide to explore the wonders of Bittangabee keep an eye out for Keith on the drive in.

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