Love Stories

While we do love every image we share some images just hold a special place in our hearts. They may not be technically perfect, or work on artistic level but they are our special moments and they connect deeply with us. Today we decided to share a few…

Eye Of The World

Eye of The WorldGee

I love this photo because when I took it I was the only one on the beach. It felt like I was the only person in the world and it was just such a special moment. We were on our honeymoon and Dee was still asleep. The sun still hadn’t come up and for that moment the world was perfect.

Mr Cheeky

Mr CheekyDee

This photo is still my favourite ever of Gee. Technically it leaves a lot to be desired but it is the only photo I’ve ever taken of him that truly shows his personality. It was something of a fluke shot taken way back in the beginning of our relationship. He was on his way to tickle me and I had the camera in my hand and snap! There it is.

The Snowy Hut

The Snowy HutGee

As much as I love the beaches and coast, my heart is high country and this image is my favourite because I can see myself living this. When Dee took this shot we were on our first big trip away, a tour around Kosciuszko National Park. So it’s special to me for more than just the image but for what it captured.

Never Work With Kids and Animals

Never Work With Kids and AnimalsDee

This image always makes me laugh. Our daughter had very patiently agreed to be my guinea pig with some techniques I’d read about and wanted to try out and our cat had decided that he was curious about what we were doing in the paddock. So he followed. For the most part he was good and there were some ok shots with him in the background. But then he decided he wanted a pat so just walked on through the shoot. We laughed, we bonded and I learnt that even on overcast days you shouldn’t ask people to look up at the sky.

Footprint In The Sand

Footprint in the SandGee

This was taken recently on our trip to Nadgee. I wanted to take an image that represented what I love most about living here on the Far South Coast- being able to be the first person to put a footprint on a pristine beach. Even though the image didn’t quite work as well as I would have liked it still means a lot to me. It still says what I wanted it to say. I love the colours and the mood and it always makes me feel good to see it.

What A Hoot

What a Hoot!Dee

I love this one for much the same reason as I love Mr Cheeky- this captures everything you need to know about two of my favourite people in the world. This is my mum and a very close family friend of ours. They were getting themselves ready to have their portrait taken at a recent wedding but, being themselves, they were mucking around along the way. It may be blurry but it’s them and I love them both to bits.

We’d love to see some of your favourite pics too. If you’ve got them online post us a link and tell us a bit about them.

10 thoughts on “Love Stories

    • Awesome… they are both beautiful photos. I love the sense of personality in them and in the end, that’s what we want to capture isn’t it. That sense of who someone is, of deeper meaning. Thank you so much for sharing those images with us, we appreciate it. -Dee

  1. I love the honesty in these photos and the simplicity of them too. I’m so glad you posted them as we often hold back on the less than perfect shot (or so we tend to think). Sometimes these have greater meaning just to us, like yours here. I get that feeling you’ve captured with the one footprint in the sand and the expanse of beach and ocean, lovely stuff. Where is the hut in the Snowys? I’ve been to a few in years past but don’t recognise this one.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Most times the pictures that we hold dear are the best pictures in the world and eclipse anything done on a technical level in leaps and bounds. 🙂

    • Thanks Kaz 🙂 I suppose it just goes to show that even when we are immersed in photography day in and day out we still have our favourite happy snaps. What about you? You must have some that you love extra specially…

      • I do, probably a couple of my landscapes because I knew what I went through to get them or just caught a glimpse of something before it vanished and was so happy how they turned out. I would like to do more photography with people but I find it difficult. Not having family around me Id have to drag friends or strangers into my shots. I think that’s why yours strike a chord, you can see the feeling in the picture. So lovely 🙂

        • lol….Thank you for the compliments. I have some family members who run away and hide when I come near now until they are sure I don’t have a camera in my hand… landscapes don’t complain about how they look 🙂 -Dee

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