Pambula and Pambula Beach

One Moment in May

Dawn on the Panboola Wetlands

Pambula Flats

Pambula Flats

Historic Pambula is a great location for photographers if you know where to look. For dawn, nothing beats Panboola Wetlands and the adjacent flats. A lot of work has gone into restoring the wetlands to provide a beautiful natural experience of fresh water billabongs and saltmarsh and mangroves. The walks and cycling tracks meander from close to town to the old racecourse and all around. During the day, the patient can spot countless birds and wildlife.


The main street of Pambula before dawn

Town itself provides some great opportunities for architecture photographers with so many historical buildings to choose from. We’ve been down on the main street before dawn and enjoyed the feeling of (almost) having the place to ourselves.




Oaklands provides some fantastic subjects for photography, not the least of which includes their petting zoo. It is also one of the best event venues in the area, so it doesn’t take too much hunting around to find beautiful locations.

Pambula Sunset

Sunset at Pambula River Mouth

Boat Sheds Pambula River Mouth

The boat sheds on Pambula River Mouth



Nearby Pambula Beach is just down the road and youโ€™ll be hard pressed to find a more loved location than the Pambula River Mouth. It has undergone some renovations recently just in time for summer, but whether you want dawn or dusk photos, the River Mouth provides.

The beaches are awesome and a great place to spend time.

Summer Dawn at Pambula

Summer Dawn at Pambula


Pambula Beach Kangaroo

Pambula Beach

There are also a lot of wildlife opportunities at Pambula Beach with the local kangaroo mob mostly happy to pose for snaps and a very abundant bird life.

There is something relaxing and comforting about being able to take great pictures of a location so close to home. Sometimes when we live somewhere we get too busy living our lives to just look at the beauty in our own backyard.

So over to you- have you ever surprised yourself with a beautiful image close to home? Maybe even something you’ve seen a million times that turned out to be special one day?

Point of View

“Point of View”- taken from Pambula Beach

10 thoughts on “Pambula and Pambula Beach

  1. Yes Fantastic photos, looking at a life change at the moment and your images are surely helping to spend sometime in Pambula, also your words about your photos – are fantastic, thank you. Cindy

  2. The dawn image on Panboola Wetlands is stunning. I noticed in a few other shots on other posts that you often include man-made structures (which I have always tried to avoid) and as in this one it actually makes the shot. Thank you for showing me another point of view ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sold! ๐Ÿ™‚ Best travel brochure ever, I loved each and every shot. What an amazing place… definitely on my “To do” list when I can get down that way. Stunning!

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