Up for Discussion – Photographing With a Friend

Thank you Leanne for sharing our thoughts on photographing with a friend. I really enjoyed the experience of being a guest blogger. It’s given me some thoughts and ideas about new post for here. -Dee


Today I have another guest blogger, Dee, from the blog Dee Gee’s Photography, and the subject today is about photographing with friends, or finding someone to go out and take photos with. It can be a hard thing to do or find, you have to be able to work together in some way. It has to be an equal relationship so that it works for both of you.  Dee has some great ideas of how it should work and how to make it good for both.

Photographing With a Friend

One of the best things about being part of a pair of photographers is that you always get to go out shooting with a friend. There are a lot of pros and a few cons to this, plus a few things to bear in mind. It also proves the point that it’s not the camera that makes thWM Built For Twoe difference…

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