Saltwater Creek

Saltwater Creek Sign

We were starting to think we were cursed when we set of on this weekend’s adventure to Saltwater Creek Campground in Ben Boyd national Park. Just as we were putting the last of our gear in the back of the car it started to rain. After a little bit of discussion and quite a bit of checking the radar on the BOM we decided to risk it and go anyway. Saltwater Dusk

And what a good thing we did. The clouds began clearing and for a very brief moment after sunset some pretty colours filled the sky. By the middle of the night the sky opened up and we got to practice some nice astro shots.


Saltwater Creek is one of the most popular campsites in the area for a very good reason. It’s beautiful, the campsites are within easy access to the beach which sounds so close when you are snuggled up in your tent. There are a lot of animals that make Saltwater home, so don’t forget to lock up any food you have unless you want a ransacked tent or you are keen on trying to convince large goanna’s that they shouldn’t be rifling around in your belongings.

WM Make Your Way

WM SealWe are used to goannas, kangaroos, bandicoots and all the birds at Saltwater but this time we saw something quite unusual. As we were walking along the shore, tucked up in a bit of bush was a baby seal. The ranger told us that it isn’t unheard of for baby seals to pull themselves up onto the shore to rest when they get tired, but it was a first for us and quite exciting for the two little boys who found him.

Flat Out Like A Lizard Drinking

Saltwater Creek Campground is a must stay place for visitors to the Far South Coast and a favourite for locals. There is always someone to have a chat with and make new friends, fishing, surfing, relaxing and wildlife watching. Make sure you watch out for ticks though as it is rather a hot spot for them. We also recommend booking ahead to ensure you get a spot. There were quite a few campers when we arrived Saturday afternoon despite the weather and it being off season.

WM B&W Surfers

All in all, we had a great weekend. Saltwater Creek does not disappoint. Time to plan our next trip

WM Saltwater Creek

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