WM Wonboyn

As far south east as you can go in New South Wales, you’ll find a place called Nadgee. Any further south and you’ll be in Victoria, any further east and you’ll be wet. Actually, Nadgee is three places. Nadgee Nature Reserve, Nadgee State Forest and Nadgee Wilderness.

The nature reserve is near the tiny town of Wonboyn where we started our day. A glorious cacophony of birdsong washed over us like a wave before dawn. Down by the lake was the perfect place to start our day’s adventure. WM Baycliff

Chasing the sunlight we followed the bumpy well-worn road to Baycliff. It’s a short walk to the lake, which was a little disappointing on the morning we were there. The wind had whipped up frothy little waves on the lake so we wandered around it following the path to the beach instead. The cliffs were awesome. The wind that had spoilt our chances of calm lake shots had whipped up huge swells to crash thunderously against the cliff.

WM Baycliff Waves

After we’d had fun laughing in the face of danger, (and managing to keep our cameras dry) we headed off for Greenglade picnic area for a spot of breakfast. Greenglade is a little paradise, but not as forgotten as we were led to believe. Yes, we did have the spot to ourselves for a little while in the morning, breakfast under the trees with the pristine beach view, but we soon found ourselves joined by not one, not two but five other car loads of people. We took that as our cue to see what else Nadgee had in store for us.

WM Edge Of Wildfrness

WM Greenglade

Just out of Wonboyn is the turn off to Merrica Ranger Station- the set off point for the Wilderness. As much as we would have loved to explore the wilderness, it turns out its not advisable if you’ve forgotten your compass, topographic map, GPS, water purifying tablets, light weight tent, and a whole host of other stuff we didn’t have with us at the time. So we hopped back into the car to see where the other fork in the road led to. WM Dangerous Tree

Nadgee State Forest is between the Princes Highway and the Wilderness itself and has a number of roads to follow. We found ourselves on the Wallagaraugh Forest Drive and stopped for lunch at Ludwig’s Creek Picnic Area. This magnificent spot was perfect, a little wonder of rainforest in an unexpected quarter. The temptation to ignore the sign under the tree was huge, but we resisted. Those limbs did look rather dodgy and there was a small discussion about whether we should move the car.

WM Ludwigs PicnicWe rounded off the day exploring the state forest roads and popping back out on the Princes Highway just north of the border. From there it was less than an hour home. Two happy photographers, home by dark, with plans to go back and see what was down the roads not taken.

13 thoughts on “Nadgee

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  2. Hi There – the image at the top of this page (pink sky over looking lake with jetty) is amazing and i would like to see if i could use it on one of my websites. Happy to discuss how this might work. Please let me know 🙂

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  4. I’m really enjoying your blog, I have to come back and look through the archives as I get more time. The interesting thing with this post is I thought all Nadgee was National Park and had crossed it off my list now I have a dog. But with a State forest being there also it puts the area back on the list, so thanks for that. Love the style of your images are they HDR?

    • Thanks Lee. We didn’t know about Nadgee either till we got there- an in we thought it was all Wilderness that you couldn’t go into without being hosed down or something, but it is much more richly complicated then that. The state forest part is lovely and has some wonderful little pockets.
      Our images aren’t HDR in the traditional sense, it’s just the technique in Lightroom that we use on our RAW images, pulling back the highlights and opening up the shadows. I’m still learning to walk the line of well edited and over edited. I think I’m getting it right more often then not now 🙂 -Dee

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