Moon Rise at Moon Bay

WM Moon Rise at Moon Bay

What better place to watch the moon rise but Moon Bay, an unspoilt part of Mimosa Rocks National Park. This is a fascinating little bay, hidden down a path that is great to walk down but not quite so much fun to walk up. It is at the southernmost end of the national park which gets its name from the Paddle Steamer Mimosa which wrecked at the northern end of the park in 1863. WM Path To Moon Bay

We arrived late in the afternoon and had the beach all to ourselves. Though we did discuss the possibility of joining in the local tradition of nude sunbathing, the weather decided for us- we figured being naturalists is not so fun when you are turning blue.

WM Moon Bay

Exploring the whole area would have taken more time than we had left with the sun sinking in the west but we did scramble over the rocks, Gee to the north and Dee to the south, looking for just the right spots to set up our shots. Both of us felt like kids, peering into rock pools and over ledges. In the end, we came back to the beach because it was the best place to watch the moon rise.

WM Waiting for Moon Rise

There is something magical about a full moon rise, with the colours in the sky shading from blues, to pinks and purples. In the timeless hush of Moon Bay we watched and waited and the moon did not disappoint. As wonderful as images are, they don’t record the soft wash of the waves as they crashed at our feet, or the murmur of the wind through the trees behind us. Nor do images record the drop in temperature as the sun took all its warmth away and the wind chill turned lazy- cutting through us instead of around us. But it was worth it. Rugged up in our beanies and scarves we breathed in the hypnotic pleasure of nature at her finest.

WM Full Moon


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