Alexanders Hut

WM Kickin Back

WM Alexanders PorchIt was a beautiful crisp winter morning when we decided to take the scenic Tantawanglo Mountain Road to Alexanders Hut. Winding our way up the mountain, we stopped to stretch our legs at Six Mile Creek campground vowing to come back and stay when the weather warms up. WM Six Mile Creek

Getting back on the road we took the turn off at the top of the mountain and followed the Cattlemans Link Track to the beautifully restored Alexanders Hut. Originally built in 1892 it was taken over by National Parks and Wildlife Service in 2002 and is now a prime destination in the South East Forests National Park.

WM Alexanders FirePit

We explored the grounds and enjoyed a lovely packed lunch, sitting around the fire pit just outside the hut. It is so easy to imagine what life was like for the Robinson family who built the original hut and lived in it as part of their properties until the early 80’s. When the Wilkinson’s purchased the property in 1989, they embarked on a series of renovations giving us the hut we now enjoy.

WM Inside Alexanders


After lunch we explored a little further and found the remains of some cattle yards near Nunnock Swamp. The short winter day turned the air rather crisp, but having discovered this treasure we’ll be back for a longer stay this spring.

First Published in the August Issue of Where We Live, Merimbula News Weekly

WM Cattle Yards

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