Yambulla State Forest

It was cold, very cold, and threatening rain any minute but we wanted to explore a hidden corner of the South East Forest National Park and Yambulla State Forest as we’d heard rumours of some stunning little gems from which to capture the beauty of the Australian bush.

Sunday FlowHaving passed the last town north of the border, Wonboyn, we turned off onto Imlay Road and kept our eyes peeled for Allan Brook Road. Following it to the end we found Newtons Crossing at the junction of Imlay Creek and Wallagaraugh River. We wandered around for a while in the cold misty rain noting exactly where we’ll be coming back to on a drier day. The rumours are true. Definitely stunning, just too wet for photography on this day.Yambulla State Forest


So we hopped back into the car and just explored the roads that weave in and out of state forest and national park. Winding lonely roads, passing over creeks, through forests that change from one moment to the next. Tall rocky outcrops just around the corner from deep still waterholes.

Creek in YambullaWhenever the rain eased up we took what we could of the places we were passing feeling something like bushrangers as we imagined which places we’d hide in and how hard it would be for anyone to find us.


This really is the edge of civilisation. We followed the Waalimma Road and found ourselves at the camp and picnic ground there. No vehicles past this point. From here you go on foot into the Genoa Wilderness and only if you know what you are doing and you have the right gear. But that will have to wait for another day.

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